Top 10 Destinations of 2023: Malta

A beautiful shot of the bright blue sky and tan stone architecture of the Italian costal city of Valletta, Malta. The town is split in the center by an inlet, where multiple cruise ships taking gusts on river and ocean cruises are anchored.

The perfect blend of modern amenities and old-world charm, Malta can satisfy your clients wish for the perfect vacation in 2023. Malta provides lots of variety, featuring golden beaches, limestone cliffs, and a community of various cultures. Plan the ultimate itinerary to Malta with Sky Bird Travel & Tours, and discover the other Top 10 Destinations of 2023.  

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Activities and Experiences in Malta:

Explore Valletta

The town square of Valletta, Malta on the Mediterranean coast, with the blue ocean in the foreground. The square is a gathering place with a fountain and many people from Sky Bird Travel & Tours are surrounding it on their vacation.

Valletta, the capital city of Malta, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city sits atop Mount Sceberras and homes stunning examples of baroque architecture from the 16thcentury.

Sign your client up for a walking tour to explore the city and all its delights. We recommend St. John’s Co-Cathedral and the National War Museum. Be sure to mention the sprawling catacombs that were turned into secret military bases during World War II and the Cold War.

Attend Carnival

Every February for the past 500+ years, Malta has hosted its own version of carnival. Celebrations with parades, dancing, and colorful costumes are held for the week leading up to Ash Wednesday.

Almost the entire city heads to Gozo for this vibrant carnival, so be sure to book accommodations well ahead of time. A vibrant presentation of Maltese culture, witnessing this carnival is definitely once in a lifetime opportunity! 

Wander Mdina

The city of Mdina, in Malta, is a top 10 destination for vacation in 2032 according to Sky Bird Travel & Tours travel blog. There is a large white church with old architecture in the center and medieval buildings surrounding it.

Head further inland to explore Mdina, a gateway to medieval Malta. Nestled on a top of a hill in the center of town, it has no pathways for cars to enter. Exploring on foot is the only option available to discover what Mdina has to offer.

There are walking tours available for your clients to discover the ancient city. For a quirky and offbeat experience, head to the Knights of Malta Museum. For more serious clients, book tours to the Carmelite Church and Priory, Natural History Museum, and St. Paul’s Cathedral to complete your client’s itinerary of Mdina. 

See the Tarxien Temples

A UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Valletta, the Tarxien Temples date back to 3150 B.C.E. Walking around these stunning ruins are lifechanging, and your client will enjoy any tour here.

The temples were utilized for religious rites, which might have involved cremations and animal sacrifices. While it’s mostly ruins, visiting this historic spot is the best way to learn about the origin of Malta.  

Hike to Gozo

A travel photo of the blue ocean crashing onto the stone rock cliffs of Gozo Beach, on the island of Malta in Italy. Sky Bird Travel recommends traveling here, as it's a top 10 destination of 2023.

The Maltese island of Gozo offers a number of appealing qualities for any type of traveler. Instead of apartment buildings, Gozo is home to charming small towns and breathtaking natural vistas.

Your travelers can hike across the tropical paradise and discover landscape dotted with geographical wonders. Don’t forget to add a day-trip to the salt pans to your clients travel itinerary! 

Send Your Clients to Malta!

When your clients choose Malta as their next vacation spot, it’ll be easy to plan, given the destinations immense tourism opportunities. Contact Sky Bird Travel and our representative will provide the lowest fares possible on flights, hotels and other travel necessities with WINGS.  

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