Introducing Opteticket

A multi-GDS solution for travel agents to gain control, reduce errors, and speed-up ticketing

A smiling male travel agent holds a cup of coffee while talking into a headset connected to his computer, where he researches and books flights, hotels, activities, tours, cruises, and travel insurance for his clients through Sky Bird Travel & Tours.

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Sky Bird is excited to unveil Opteticket – the first of many new features developed for the Sky Bird Platform – powered by Chakra!

Opteticket streamlines the ticketing process for GDS bookings by:

  • Performs automated tests and checks of PNRs
  • grants travel agents greater control over how commission and agency fees are collected
  • Eliminates the time-consuming exchange of information with the agency

Opteticket is being launched on Amadeus and Sabre with Travelport to follow. Are you a WINGS user? You can log in to Opteticket with your current WINGS credentials. If not, register here!

Key Features and Benefits of Opteticket

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Enhanced Productivity

Less waiting means more time to help other customers.

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Instant Review

Real-time PNR review removes back and forth via email to resolve discrepancies.

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Commission Control

Complete management of commission and real-time earning view.

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Standardized Information

Submission fields are automatically filled in with the correct format required by the airline.

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