Airline Consolidator: How to choose the right one?

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With the growing popularity of airline consolidators, it’s important to choose the right airline consolidator for your business. Sky Bird Travel & Tours is here to teach the difference between a good and bad consolidator.

What Is An Airline Consolidator?

Airline consolidators, acting as wholesalers of airline tickets, redistribute flight tickets to travel agents. These tickets, acquired at discounted rates through their airline connections and partners, are sold at reduced prices, often 30-40% lower than regular fares.

What To Consider When Choosing An Airline Consolidator:

Access To GDS

Opt for a consolidator with multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to ensure access to multiple flight options and the most competitive airfares.

Sky Bird Travel is a premier airline consolidator with access to three major GDS, providing you an edge over your competitors.

Airline Partners

No consolidator is going to refuse your business no matter which airline you want. However, you will get the best deal from the consolidator who has a direct agreement with the airline. It’s true, consolidators buy from each other. Look for a consolidator with a large network of airline partners to access diverse fares across multiple destinations. 

Sky Bird Travel & Tours has nurtured a partnership with over 90 airlines — explore them here.

Customer Support

Prioritize flight consolidators offering round-the-clock support because travel agents oftentimes find themselves handling critical situations that demand swift action. 

Available 24/7, Sky Bird’s in-house customer support team will never leave an agent standing alone. The team is fluent in 25+ languages, ensuring expert assistance during unpredictable times.

Better Commissions

Airline consolidators empower agents to manage their earnings. They grant them the flexibility to mark up fares as they deem appropriate. This eliminates the need for clients to search for their own airfare.  This is how consolidators help agents to keep their revenue with themselves.

Choosing Sky Bird comes with many benefits, one of them being commissions. Commission rates are 25% for insurance, 15% for pre-paid hotels, and 8% for tours*.

Group (10+ Passengers) Fares

Find a consolidator that can coordinate group travel for 10+ passengers so there is never a reason to turn away customers. 

Sky Bird’s dedicated Groups Department uses our extensive purchasing power to ensure seamless travel experiences and expertly crafted trips catered to the group’s preferences. Sky Bird Travel handles hundreds of group movements every year. We have the experience and the airline relationships to get the best value for your client.

Industry Recognition

Search for a flight consolidator that is recognized and accredited, which strengthens their reliability in the industry. It’s a positive indication if an airline consolidator holds membership in reputable groups such as IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents).

Being in the business for over 45 years, Sky Bird is involved in the previously mentioned organizations and has been honored with multiple accolades including Travvy Awards. 

Choose Sky Bird As Your Airline Consolidator

Being one of the top airline consolidators in the nation, Sky Bird Travel & Tours has been delivering affordable fares since 1976. Recognized for delivering exceptional service, competitive rates and round-the-clock support, Sky Bird has solidified its position as a prominent player in the tourism industry.

*These are commission rates for the US. We offer different commission rates for Canada based agents.

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