2023 Spring Travel Destinations

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Spring is arguably one of the most popular seasons to travel. There are dozens of reasons that travelers take off for vacation in the spring: colleges are on break, the weather is warming up, nature is re-emerging from hibernation, etc. If your clients are requesting spring travel, then familiarize yourself with the 2023 top spring travel destinations. Also, stay updated with other up-and-coming destinations on Sky Bird’s weekly blog!

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Top Spring Travel Locations:

Holland, Netherlands

A beautiful tulip field in Holland, Netherlands in Europe, one of the top 10 spring break destinations. There are even vertical rows of flowers as far as the eye can see, in pink and yellow.

The spring season is almost always associated with blooming flowers, and the best tulips are located in Holland. The Keukenhof Botanical Gardens boast over 7 million flower bulbs in their fields, with 800 different types of tulip varieties! The park is only open from late March to early May, so hurry up and book tickets for your clients before they sell out.

For travelers seeking faster transportation than an on-foot tour, biking around the city is the perfect option. Holland is one of the safest spots for cyclists in the country 

Another top feature of Holland is their world-famous windmills, and we recommend telling clients to stop by one for a taste of Dutch history and beautiful scenery. The windmills of Kinderdijk are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mills of Schiedam are the five largest windmills in the world (some over 40 ft high), and Zaanse Schans is over 250 years old with well over 600 mills.

Yoshinoyama, Japan

A landscape shot showing the vast mountains of Yoshinoyama in Japan, which is Sky Bird Travel & Tours top 10 spring break destination. There are pink cherry blossom trees and sakura blooms as far as the eye can see.

Dating back at least 300 years, Mount Yoshino has over 30,000 cherry blossom trees planted along the land. The traditional term for blooming cherry blossoms is Sakura and they’re a national symbol of renewal and hope! Your clients can board the Mt. Yoshino Ropeway to get a lift to the top of the mountain, all while passing over the groups of pink trees planted from the top to the bottom.

Because the Sakura season is so important to Japanese history and culture, there are tons of exciting festivals nearby to participate in. Sky Bird’s favorites are the Yokohama Cherry Blossom Festival, Osaka Cherry Blossom Festival, and our favorite the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Also, not to be missed are the various shrines and temples, including the Kinpusenji Temple, Mikumari Shrine, and Chikurin-in TempleAfter a long day of touring the temples, suggest your clients take a break in one of the outdoor hot springs — some even serve traditional sake!

Athens, Greece

A landscape photograph of an ancient Greek archaeological site, from a customized tour and guided tours from Sky Bird. In the background, there are pastel houses and mountains.

With the arrival of spring in Athens, orange trees burst with colorful fruit and fill the air with citrusy fragrance. For clients looking for an idyllic evening on the island, book a sunset picnic on the hills or a culinary cooking class filled with the freshest Mediterranean cuisine.

Foodies can start their morning with the Athens Farmers Market in Bishop Park, and thrifters can discover antiques at Abnormal Bazaar hosted by Indie South.  

We recommend informing your clients about the various spring holidays occurring on the island:

  • March 25th is Independence Day, equivalent to America’s 4th of July, a major holiday celebrating Greece’s triumph over the Turks
  • May 1st is Labor Day and the Feast of the Flowers, where the country takes off from work to enjoy picnics and kite flying
  • May 18th is International Museum Day, where clients can get free entrance to the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum.  

Louisville, Kentucky

A photo taken from behind a woman at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, and she is wearing a large and gaudy black hat with blue and white flowers. The travel agent was able to get a ticket to this top 10 spring break destination because of Sky Bird Travel & Tours.

You’ve likely heard of the most popular (and quickest) spring sporting event in America — The Kentucky Derby! The number of attendees is larger than the crowds at the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the NCAA Final Four. It’s a prestigious horse race occurring the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs Racetrack in central Louisville, Kentucky. Booking tickets to the Kentucky Derby for your client will ensure a solid commission for yourself!  

The city also hosts the two-month-long Kentucky Derby Festival, with a hole-in-one golf contest, luncheons, marathon races, the Pegasus Parade, wine festivals, and more! If your clients are looking for slower-paced activities, then they can enjoy a walking tour of the largest collection of Victorian-era mansions in the Old Louisville Historic District.

Ready to Book Spring Travel?

Now that you’re familiar with the best spots to send your clients this spring, it’s time to start planning. With the WINGS Booking Engine by Sky Bird, travel agents can access the best deals on flights, hotels, tours, and more! Learn more on our updated website! 

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